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Kingsford waterbay a forthcoming development

The Kingsford waterbay is one of the forthcoming developments of a ninety nine years leasehold condominium from the Kingsford development property Ltd. Such type of sophisticated condo will include about nine blocks of residential buildings containing sixteen stories along with eight strata house and one semidetached strata. The waterbay of Kingsford is located in the upper Serangoon view, setting a view which is stylish in the district nineteen, of Singapore. This exciting project has a total of about one thousand one hundred sixty five units.

kingsford waterbay a forthcoming development

Kingsford Waterbay presents a modern as well as a classy architecture with the wonderful interior designs which will surely leave an impression that is awesome in a person. Additionally, a positive factor of the property is the residents who come to live here in future have easy access of various water activities such as kayaking, power boating, wake boarding, fishing as the area is just beside the river Serangoon. The water bay is equipped with many facilities which can be listed A grade and this condominium will definitely let a person that indulge in luxury.

Public amenities like shopping malls, food centers and the schools are just only some distance apart from Kingsford waterbay condo. Thus, one can easily enjoy the nearby shopping malls as well as the best quality education centers for their kids. The public amenities are quite elegant, modern and full of facilities which will suit everyday activities of a person. MRT station will help the commuter for getting their chosen destination such as schools and malls. One can experience all this and even more in the luxurious development, located in a good spot within upper Serangoon view with the crystal clear Serangoon River right beside it.

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