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Sturdee Residences: Great options for commerce

The location of the home where you will spend much of your time in leisure is very important. It should be close to avenues for shopping and commerce. Sturdee Residences help the residents immensely simply by the virtue of its location as an interesting focal point. There are certain material needs that arise everyday whether it be groceries or stationary. In such a case, it is important that you are easily able to access and take advantage of a nearby shop instead of having to travel a greater distance to satisfy these needs.

Shop and dine

Sturdee Residences provide an excellent location from where you can shop, dine and entertain yourself at City Square Mall which is quite near the condominiums. Not only that, there are many local shops and super markets that can cater to your daily needs. The grocery can be easily obtained here and there is no need to drive out somewhere.

Orchard Road

Singapore’s famous Orchard Road which serves as an exciting point of commerce for those who love to shop can be reached within minutes by your car. It is considered as the shopping belt and almost anything up in the market is available here. The problem of having to carry your shopping will not discourage you as you can soon find a retreat and a pleasant view in the comfort of your home at Sturdee Residences.

Food Centre

The food lovers will have no difficulty in continuing to move about the city and eat at their favourite restaurants and food centres. This is made possible because of the neat location of the complex near the Farrer Park MRT Station. They can continue their food conquests at their favourite places to eat without any inhibitions as would be the case otherwise if the location of Sturdee Residences was any less desirable. Book your home at today.

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